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Drive business forward with faster & smarter hiring

For companies to attract better talent, nuture a vibrant culture, and thrive in a global marketplace, they need smarter tools. The coHired platform helps talented teams make better and faster decisions and keeps it human where it matters.

If you’re ready to innovate, explore our pilot programme.
  • Easy Candidate Comparisons
  • 24/7 Applicant Matching
  • A Platform That Grows With You
  • Designed For Integration
coHIRED lineup

Auto-Magically Shortlist

Shortlisting top 10 candidates from 100s of CVs in seconds. We match applicants across skill, experience, & ethos fit, offering fast & comprehensive applicant shortlisting.

Keep it Human Where It Matters

Harnessing the power of technology, to make internal recruitment more “Human”, allowing deeper interaction with people, not paper.

Overcome Unconcious Bias

Our matching algorithms are built to overcome unconscious bias, keeping the hiring process fair & standardised across multiple sites.

Drive Workplace Ethos

Our technology measures & matches to specific workplace ethos, ensuring new hires fit into the team dynamic and values.

Harness Collaborative Talent

Collaborative talent means jobs are filled faster, & applicant experience improves. Our unique model is smart and fair.

Improve Customer Experience

When applicants are also current (or potential) customers, we ensure the applicant experience also helps nurture your company brand.

If you’re ready to innovate, explore our pilot programme.